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Ph.D. Thesis

25) Juhwan Park (2020. 02), Power-free microfluidic actuator based on indirect pressurization for biological sample preparation and analysis

24) Jaejung Son (2020. 02), Construction of 3D modular hepatic tissue using micropatterned collagen sheet for tissue-level cytotoxicity assay

23) Young Lee (2020. 02), Microfluidic cell culture system for in vitro model study of human intestinal follicle-associated epithelium

22) Chang Hyun Cho (2019. 08), Microfluidic interfacing technique for high-throughput analysis of breast cancer tissue section

21) Ga-Yeong Kim (2019. 08) Development of bicarbonate-based microalgae cultivation system combined with electrochemical CO2 absorption process

20) Younggeun Jo (2018. 02), Handheld microfluidic platforms using magnetic sample pretreatment and detection

19) Fengshan Shen (2018. 02), Magnetophoretic cell sorting in a trapezoidal microchannel for toxicity of iron oxide nanoparticles

18) Youn-Hee Park (2018. 02), Fabrication of plant array chip for high-throughput screening of Arabidopsis thaliana

17) Joong Ho Shin, Ph.D. (2017. 02), Paper-integrated rotary type sensor for on-site, multiple detection of foodborne pathogens

16) Dongsik Han, Ph.D. (2016. 08), Microarray-integrated optoelectrofluidic system for biological assay

15) Seyong Kwon, Ph.D. (2016. 02), Microfluidic immunoassay platform for quantitative comparison of biomarkers on cancer tissues

14) Chae Yun Bae, Ph.D. (2015. 08), Construction and application of 3D beta cell clusters using microgrid hydrogel sheets

13) Do-Hyun Lee, Ph.D. (2014. 02), Microdroplet-based screening of freshwater green algae

12) Myung Gwon Lee, Ph.D. (2012. 01), Microfluidic blood cell separation based on the force balance between inertial lift and dean drag forces

11) Eujin Um, Ph.D. (2012. 01), Interactive droplet manipulation for microfluidic single-cell screening

10) Wonhye Lee, Ph.D. (2011. 08),  Mesoscopic cellular hydrogel scaffolds for bioartificial 3D tissue structures

09) Young Ki Hahn, Ph.D. (2011. 01), Isomagnetophoresis-based immunoassay system for multiplexed protein detection

08) Hyundoo Hwang, Ph.D. (2010. 08), Optoelectrofluidic platform for manipulation and detection of biomolecules

07) Minseok S. Kim, Ph.D. (2010. 01), Microfluidic multiplexed immunohistochemistry platform for quantitative pathological diagnosis

06) Ju Hun Yeon, Ph.D. (2010. 01), Drug assays using a cell trapping method in a microfluidic device

05) Sungyoung Choi, Ph.D. (2009. 08), Hydrophoresis for particle and cell separation

04) Youn-Suk Choi, Ph.D. (2009. 01), Biomedical devices for analyzing the effects of electroporation therapy on cells and tissues

03) Wonjae Choi, Ph.D. (2009. 01), Manipulation technology of microparticles using a liquid crystal display (LCD) and optoelectronic tweezers (OET)

02) Yu Chang Kim, Ph.D. (2008. 02), Microfluidic biomechanical device for analyzing the deformation of cells in microchannels

01) Joo H. Kang, Ph.D. (2008. 02), Isomagnetophoresis for microfluidic sorting and analysis

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M.S. Thesis

36) Hyewon Roh, M.S. (2021. 02), Constrcution of a fibroblast-associated tumor spheroid model based on collagen drop array chip

35) Yeji Kwon, M.S. (2020. 02), Portable syringe-type device for colorimetric detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7 using imuno-magnetic separation and filtration

34) Hwisoo Kim, M.S. (2018. 02), Fabrication and analysis of spheroid-hydrogel array chip using droplet contact-based transfer

33) Haewon Seo, M.S. (2018. 02), Co-culture of ет-cells and endothelial cells in a micropatterned collagen sheet

32) Seonhee Lee, M.S. (2018. 02), Paper-based microfluidic device for angle-based colorimetric detection of an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor

31) Hyeyun Go, M.S. (2017. 02), Continuous-flow optoelectrofluidic focusing and concentration of nanoparticles

30) Segi Kim, M.S. (2017. 02), Development of a microfluidic device operated by manual pipetting for immunohistochemistry

29) Juhwan Park, M.S. (2016. 02), Pressurized multi-channel immunostrip for colorimetric detection of foodborne pathogens

28) Hyun Ji Gi, M.S. (2016. 02), Development of optoelectrofluidic on-demand printing system for hydrogel sheets

27) Ji Jung Lee, M.S. (2015. 08), On-site colorimetric detection of Escherichia coli using magnetic separation and filtration

26) Miran Jang, M.S. (2015. 08), Microalgae screening in a microfluidic device to improve lipid productivity using microalgae-hydrogel capsules

25) Joong Ho Shin, M.S. (2014. 02), High-yield purification of rare blood cells by immunospecific size enhancement in an inertial microfluidic device

24) Jaejung Son, M.S. (2014. 02), Reconstruction and characterization of stacked 3D tissue using a hepatic cell-patterned hydrogel paper

23) Young Lee, M.S. (2013. 08), Hydrogel incorporated microfluidic device for in vitro culture and dynamic observation of human intestinal epithelial cells

22) Chang Hyun Cho, M.S. (2013. 02), Assembly of hydrogel structure in a PDMS channel for intestinal microenvironment

21) Dongsik Han, M.S. (2012. 01), Sandwich immunoassays based on the change of optoelectrofluidic particle mobility

20) Youn-Hee Park, M.S. (2012. 01), Droplet-based microfluidic synthesis of lipid vesicles containing quantum dots

19) Jisun Lee, M.S. (2011. 08), High-throughput synthesis of multi-functional nanoscale lipid vesicles in a contraction-expansion array microchannel

18) Younggeun Jo, M.S. (2011. 08), Magnetophoretic droplet sorting by incorporating magnetic nanoparticles

17) Seyong Kwon, M.S. (2011. 01), Quantum dot-based microfluidic immunohistochemistry using a parallel-sequential multiplexing method

16) Fengshan Shen, M.S. (2010. 08), Magnetophoretic label-free cell separation using paramagnetic solution in a microchannel

15) Chae Yun Bae, M.S. (2010. 01), Microfluidic in vitro culture system mimicking peristaltic stimulation in bovine embryos

14) Jaekyu Choi, M.S. (2010. 01), Spectrometric analysis using liquid metal mirrors in a microfluidic device

13) Do-Hyun Lee, M.S. (2009. 08), Droplet manipulation using an optoelectrofluidic device integrated with microchannels

12) Myung Gwon Lee, M.S. (2009. 01), Experimental study of inertia flows in contraction-expansion array microchannels

11) Hyundoo Hwang, M.S. (2007. 08), Optoelectronic manipulation of microparticles and blood cells using a liquid crystal display

10) Eujin Um, M.S. (2007. 02), Microfluidic device for droplet-based protein microencapsulation using peptide hydrogel

09) Minseok S. Kim, M.S. (2006. 02), Development of a microfluidic 3-dimensional cell culture platform for cell-based assays

08) Young Ki Hahn, M.S. (2006. 02), Microfluidic immunoassay for detection of allergen-specific IgE in an enhanced magnetic field gradient

07) Sungyoung Choi, M.S. (2005. 08), Fabrication and characterization of a trapezoidal electrode array for dielectrophoretic separation

06) Kyu Sung Kim, M.S. (2005. 02), Magnetic force-based immunoassay using superparamagnetic nanoparticles in microfluidic channel

05) Yoonhee Jang, M.S. (2005. 02), Microchip-based electrochemical immunoassay with surface-functionalized polydimethysiloxane channel

04) Wonjae Choi, M.S. (2004. 08), Development of a bio-fluidic device for optical measurement and sample pretreatment

03) Ju Hun Yeon, M.S. (2004. 08), Electrochemical impedance measurement of HepG2 cultured in microfabricated cell chip

02) Yuheon Yi, M.S. (2004. 08), Microfabrication and characterization of three dimensional electrode systems for electrochemical detection

01) Joo H. Kang, M.S. (2004. 02), A study on the enzyme assay in microfluidic channels

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