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(2021. 03. 18) Jaejung's work featured on the Cover Article in BioChip Journal (Issue 1, 2021)

(2021. 03. 13) Juhwan's paper, "Pushbutton-activated microfluidic dropenser for droplet digital PCR," was published in Biosensors and Bioelectronics

(2021. 02. 17) Jaejung's paper, "Assembly and disassembly of the micropatterned collagen sheets containing cells for location-based cellular function analysisl," was published in BioChip Journal

(2021. 01. 19) Ga-Yeong's paper, "Microfluidics-based separation of microalgae using a contraction-expansion array microchannel," was published in Micromachines

(2020. 11. 05) Haewon & Jaejung's paper, "Controlled 3D co-culture of beta cells and endothelial cells in a micropatterned collagen sheet for reproducible construction of an improved pancreatic pseudo-tissue," was published in APL Bioengineering

(2020. 11. 01) Juhwan's paper, "Integrated pumpless microfluidic chip for the detection of foodborne pathogens by polymerase chain reaction and electrochemical analysis," was published in Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical

(2020. 08. 14) Minkyung's paper, "Fabrication of a perfusable 3D in vitro artery-mimicking multichannel system for artery disease models," was published in ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering

(2020. 08. 05) Juhwan's paper, "Microfluidic channel-integrated hanging drop array chip for spheroid culture and analysis operated by pushbuttons," was published in Analyst

(2020. 07. 14)  Five abstracts accepted for the ¥́TAS 2020 Virtual Conference

(2020. 07. 10) Congratulations! Hyewon received a Paper Award at the Spring Meeting of The Korean BioChip Society, Sono Calm Yeosu Hotel, Yeosu, KOREA

(2020. 06. 25) Juhwan & Dong Hyun' s paper, "Reciprocating flow-assisted nucleic acid purification using a finger-actuated microfluidic device," was published in Lab on a Chip

(2020. 05. 23) Juhwan's paper, "On-site extraction and purification of bacterial nucleic acids from blood samples using an unpowered microfluidic device," was published in Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical

(2020. 04. 16) Younggeun & Juhwan's paper, "Colorimetric detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7 with signal enhancement using size-based filtration on a finger-powered microfluidic device," was published in Sensors



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