NBL News

(2018. 11. 29) Welcome to new NBL members, Hyewon Roh & Soo Jee Kim!

(2018. 11. 22) Ga-Yeong's paper, "Inertial Microfluidics-Based Cell Sorting," was accepted for publication in BioChip Journal

(2018. 11. 21) Jaejung's paper, "Hand-maneuverable collagen sheet with micropatterns for 3D modular tissue engineering," was accepted for publication in ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering

(2018. 07. 18) Hwisoo's Featured Paper in Biomicrofluidics was highlihted in AIP Scilight, "Simple devices enhance the embedment of spheroids into hydrogel arrays"-Scilight 2018, 290005 (2018)

(2018. 07. 09) Chang Hyun's paper, "Microfluidic on-chip immunohistochemistry directly from a paraffin-embedded section," was accepted and chosen as an Editor's Pick in Biomicrofluidics

(2018. 07. 02)  Five abstracts (one for oral and four for poster) accepted for the ¥́TAS 2018 Conference (Kaohsiung, TAIWAN)

(2018. 07. 01) Hwisoo's paper, "High-throughput culture and embedment of spheroid array using droplet contact-based spheroid transfer," was accepted and chosen as a Featured Article in Biomicrofluidics

(2018. 06. 13) Seonhee's paper, "Foldable paper-based analytical device for the detection of an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor using an angle-based readout," was published in Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical

(2018. 04. 24) Prof. Park gave a keynote talk, "Microfluidic assay platform for cell and tissue analysis," at the IEEE NEMS 2018, Grand Hyatt Singapore, SINGAPORE

(2018. 03. 21) Juhwan's paper, "Finger-actuated microfluidic device for the blood-cross matching test," was published in Lab on a Chip

(2018. 02. 23) Congratulations! New NBL alumni at KAIST Commencement 2018

(2018. 02. 09) Congratulations! Juhwan's paper, ¡°A simple and rapid blood cross-matching test in a finger-actuated microfluidic device for the urgent transfusion patients,¡± has been accepted for an Oral Presentation at Microfluidics for Hematology 2018, Boston, MA, USA


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