Lecture Notice

General Guideline for BiS 371 Lecture in 2020 Fall semester

• The first lecture will open on Monday, August 31, 01:00 pm - 02:15 pm (Korea Standard Time).

• Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the real-time online classes are conducted using a video conferencing system, Zoom.

•  The "Join URL" for the first-week classes will be emailed to the enrolled students. Students who do not register a course should request a Join URL to TA during the add/drop period. (The specific URL for the lecture will be created after the course orientation.)

• All registered students are required to join the zoom class by 5 minutes before the class.

• Regular participation in classes is expected. The course recording is not allowed during the on-line classes due to copyright issues.

• Entering the zoom class after 5 minutes of the start of the class will be considered as "Late" unless you have prior permission from the instructor. Late arrival/early departure without permission is equivalent to one absence.

• Notice of excused absences (certified illness, COVID symptoms, family emergency, work emergency, et al.) must be given to the instructor directly before the class sessions or exams (via e-mail) except in case of emergency.

• The detailed learning materials are available from KLMS (https://klms.kaist.ac.kr).