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Multiplexed Immunohistochemistry

Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease with many subtypes, and it is difficult to accurately monitor the treatment response of the disease, and to predict the clinical outcome of individual neoplasms.  We recently succeeded in developing a microfluidic interface that enables multiplexed immunohistochemistry (IHC) measurements on breast tissue samples [PLoS ONE 2010, 5, e10441]. By creating a simple and robust interface between the device and human breast tissue samples, we not only applied conventional thin-section tissues into on-chip without any additional modification process, but also attained perfect fluid control for various solutions, without any leakage, bubble formation, or cross-contamination. The device consists of a PDMS microfluidic layer with four parallel channels, which is simply pressed onto the tissue slide. Consequently, four biomarkers, estrogen receptor, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2, progesterone receptor and Ki-67, were examined simultaneously on breast cancer cells and human breast cancer tissues including needle biopsy. This new IHC platform has improved performance concerning assay time, consumption of tissue, antibodies and staining compounds, sensitivity, specificity and cost-effectiveness, and hence, it is a step towards the individualization of cancer therapy. The similar microfluidic platform has also been applied for quantitative proteomic profiling in breast cancer samples [Biomaterials 2011, 32, 1396]. Proteomic profiling via immunocytochemistry (ICC) was examined for four breast cancer cell lines. The device enabled 20 ICC assays on a biological specimen at the same time and could be used to quantitatively compare the expression level of each biomarker. This result indicates that the microfluidic IHC/ICC platform is useful for accurate histopathological diagnoses using numerous specific biomarkers simultaneously.

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