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Microdroplet Technology

Droplet-based microfluidics has recently been applied to a wide range of applications, including biological assay, combinatorial synthesis, and high-throughput screening. In particular, microdroplets of pico- to nanolitre volumes are capable of enclosing various biological soft matter. Unlike solid wells, they are a more active system, and can move or stop, split or merge with others, and select different paths for sorting at timed intervals. For example, microfluidic abacus channels are demonstrated for the sequential addition of droplets at the desired location [Lab Chip 2009, 9, 207]. A precise temporal control of microdroplets such as synchronization and combinatorial pairing of droplets is also required to achieve a variety range of chemical and biochemical reactions inside microfluidic networks [Biomicrofluidics 2011, 5, 034117]. Recently, we reported a single-cell-based assay using a mesh-integrated microwell array which enables easy trapping and consistent addition of droplets in a high-throughput manner [Lab Chip 2012, 12, 1594]. The mesh-integrated droplet array provides a microfluidic platform for simple storage and on-demand merging of droplets. The openness of the system allows easy access to individual droplets and variable integration with other functional modules. By integrating the single-cell droplet-generating channel, the mesh-integrated microarray allows immediate confinement of single cells and total isolation of each chamber throughout the entire droplet manipulation process. With further development, this device may provide a novel screening platform, especially for various microbes directly harvested from a natural environment.

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