Undergraduate Courses  

HSS 189 Freshman Seminar 2 (Syllabus ) - Spring 2006, Fall 2012 
This course provides an introduction to the basic integrative bioengineering for undergraduate students. By introducing recent research areas in bioengineering to freshman upon entrance to college, this course helps them choose their specific majors. This course also covers the most up-to-date application of nanotechnology to the life sciences.

BiS 200 Introduction to Bioinformation and Bioelectronics (Syllabus )-Spring 2003, Spring 2004, and Spring 2006
This course discusses basic knowledge for interdisciplinary research area among biology, medicine, information science, electronics and mechanical engineering. This course also provides common tools for scientifical understanding of biological mechanism, analysis of organism structures, and fundamentals of life. Basic theory and tools for recognition and detection, analysis and treatment, control and handling, storage and usage of biomolecules and bioinformation are discussed.

BiS 321 Systems Bioengineering (Syllabus ) - Spring 2004
This course discusses the basic concepts of systems biology and practical applications of bioengineering to biomedical, food, environmental, energy and electronics industry. This course also covers the following topics in the field of new biotechnology: the nature of living things and the principles of manipulating them; enabling technologies; different approaches of biotechnology; specific applications such as medical, industrial, and environmental; and social issues such as intellectual property, regulations, biotech business, and biowarfare.

BiS 371 Biofluidics (Syllabus ) - Fall 2004~2006, Spring 2008, Fall 2010~2013, Fall 2015~2018, Fall 2020
This course introduces basic concepts of biological transport phenomena and helps the design of microfluidic devices and organ chips for biomedical and biotechnological applications. This course also covers topics in fluid mechanics, mass transport, and biochemical interactions, with engineering concepts motivated by specific biological problems. Each student is required to present one application topic in biological systems.

BiS 410 Biofusion Project - Fall 2006

BiS 470 BioNanoEngineering (Syllabus ) - Spring 2007 
This course offers science and technology fundamentals involved in BioNanoEngineering. Topics include the principles, materials and applications of electromechanical, thermofluidic, biochemical and optoradiative functions in bio-oriented and bio-inspired nanoengineering systems. Special emphasis focus on the biomaterials and nanoscale technology in biological systems.