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External link (2017. 09. 13) Youn-Hee's work featured on the Inside Back Cover Article in Lab on a Chip (Issue 18, 2017)

External link (2017. 08. 25) Young's paper, "Microfabricated cell culture system for the live cell observation of the multilayered proliferation of undifferentiated HT-29 cells," was published in BioChip Journal

External link (2017. 08. 03) Youn-Hee's paper, "Plant array chip for the germination and growth screening of Arabidopsis thaliana," was published in Lab on a Chip

External link (2017. 07. 31) Dongsik's paper, "Visualization and label-free quantification of microfluidic mixing using quantitative phase imaging," was published in Applied Optics

External link (2017. 07. 08)  Three abstracts (one for oral and two for poster) accepted for the μTAS 2017 Conference (Savannah, GA, USA)

External link (2017. 06. 28) Prof. Park gave an invited talk, "Hydrogel sheet-incorporated microfluidic 3D cell culture and modular assays," at the AMN, ISMM, APCBM, ANZNMF in Hobart, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA

External link (2017. 05. 20) Prof. Park gave a plenary talk, "Pressed paper-based multistep assays for foodborne pathogens," at the 2017 International Symposium on Smart-Sensing Medical Devices and 22th Symposium of Association for Chemical Sensors in TAIWAN

External link (2017. 05. 19) Congratulations to two Paper Awardees (Seonhee and Juhwan) at the Spring Meeting of The Korean BioChip Society, Jeju, Jeju Island, KOREA

External link (2017. 05. 04) Joong Ho's paper, "Lateral flow assay-based bacterial detection using engineered cell wall binding domains of a phage endolysin," was published in Biosensors and Bioelectronics

External link (2017. 05. 02) Chae Yun's paper, "Demonstration of interposed modular hydrogel sheet for multicellular analysis in a microfluidic assembly platform," was published in Scientific Reports

External link (2017. 04. 05) Seyong's paper, "A microfluidic immunostaining system enables quality assured and standardized immunohistochemical biomarker analysis," was published in Scientific Reports

External link (2017. 04. 04) Younggeun's paper, "A magnetophoresis-based microfluidic platform under a static-fluid environment," was published in Microfluidics and Nanofluidics

External link (2017. 03. 01) Juhwan's paper, "Pressed region integrated 3D paper-based microfluidic device that enables vertical flow multistep assays for the detection of C-reactive protein based on programmed reagent loading," was published in Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical

External link (2017. 02. 22) Prof. Park gave a plenary talk, "Lab-on-a-chip technologies for bioanalytical application," at the 3rd SPIE's International Conference on Nano-Bio Sensing, Imaging, and Spectroscopy (NBSIS 2017)

External link (2017. 02. 21) Segi's paper, "Pipetting-driven microfluidic immunohistochemistry platform to facilitate enhanced immunoreaction and effective use of antibodies," was published in Lab on a Chip 

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